4 Brands Featuring High Impact Digital Campaigns in 2018

To have a social image of your products is something everyone can do without a problem, but are your ideas bright enough to stand up against the competition? Here are some examples of brands and what they are doing to let your creativity grow big.


Social networks have existed since way before we could have thought they would help us in our job. For example, Slack has come into our lives to demonstrate that social networking can go hand in hand with work.

Granted, this is like a specialized social network to fulfill its customer’s needs: to have a place to work and to communicate with your coworkers from the comfort of your house, or even from your phone.

What really distinguishes this app is its very user-friendly and dedicated interface to let its users work in an environment as if they were on other social networks.


If there is one thing Airbnb has done right, among practically everything it has done until now, it’s its commitment to its customers. Basically, a service in which you can turn your house into a rental while still living there, so who came up with this amazing idea?

But yeah, by using their website, apps, and even ads on social media, their product has gained momentum and better yet: it hasn’t disappointed. If you choose Airbnb, be ready to embark on a different type of trip or travel, in a more personal way.


Now, this is special. Do you want to order pizza digitally, and not precisely by calling them on the phone? Domino’s got it covered. Messenger, Alexa, Slack, Smart TV, ordering pizza has never been as easy and as accessible as it is with domino’s.

ALS Association (Ice Bucket Challenge)

Yeah, this might seem a little off and really, really old, but truth is that was it did back then generated so much buzz, supporters, and helpers to the cause: Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis, a progressive neurodegenerative disorder. By doing the challenge people had fun and donated, now that’s awesome.

All of these ideas are really clever, do you want to try any of them?